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Taking Christ to China

God is never late in fulfilling His purposes in your life. He is always on time. After fifteen years of desiring to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to China, God enabled me to fulfill this dream in May 2009. Everything is beautiful in His time.

Having left Dallas-Fort Worth on Monday morning at 9:00AM, May 18, 2009, to Seattle, Washington, to Beijing and then to Shenzhen, China, I arrived at the hotel at 12:30AM on Wednesday morning, China time. I was exhausted physically, but spiritually and mentally I was very excited. That morning, twelve team members and three Chinese interpreters met each other as we boarded the bus for a three hour trip to Jiangmen where we spent most of our time ministering in song, testimony and preaching the Word of God in at least three local churches, homes, businesses and even a baby clothing factory. We could not have asked for a better team as God connected us all together in unity. After only two days it was as if we had known each other forever. Everyone worked together to fulfill God’s purpose for our China mission. A real blessing to our team was my roommate, Michael, from Florida who had software on his laptop enabling us to call the United States without expense. Several enjoyed this opportunity numerous times blessing us and our loved ones back home. At one of the local churches we participated in the morning activities of their drug rehabilitation program and in their Bible Study along with praise and worship. It was awesome worshipping the one true God in Chinese and English. The Chinese people really know how to worship God. We could sense the presence of God in a mighty way.

At another church almost every team member shared their testimonies and we prayed for the individuals of the church. Among areas that we prayed for were many physical healings, marriages, for finances, jobs, and for women to conceive. We should not have been surprised that the Chinese people have many of the same concerns that we Americans have. It was also surprising to find that the economic problems in America are also affecting the people in China.

An unexpected surprise was an invitation to participate in a beautiful Chinese wedding where we all sang “Amazing Grace” to the newly married couple. It was interesting to learn about the different customs in China. One of these customs was that the newly married couple gives a small cash gift to each person attending the wedding. One custom that I was not able to accomplish was eating with chopsticks. I tried, but always made a mess. I had to ask for a knife and fork which was graciously given each time. I am so thankful. Otherwise, I might have lost a lot of weight on this trip due to lack of food. A highlight for me was when we went to tour a factory that made baby clothes. Hundreds of young Chinese people working at sewing machines were excited to see us walking among them and taking an interest in them individually. It was amazing to find out that the owner of the factory was a Christian wanting all his workers to become believers in Jesus Christ. As we entered the lunch room where they fed us, I was excited to see that on the opposite wall was a large cross and a stage. All of the workers came in to eat with us. We ministered to them in worship and the Word of God. Approximately fifty people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

After spending five days in Jiangmen, we headed back to Shenzhen where we shared the Word of God in a Wednesday morning service to approximately 400 people in the beautiful Shenzhen Christian Church, a 10,000 member congregation. The pastor took all of us to lunch where I had the opportunity to talk to him personally. I gave him a Chinese version of my book, “The Realities of Prayer”, and shared my vision to have it distributed throughout China. These were very special moments that I will never forget.

This mission trip was very unique as were able to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a still-Communist nation. We were limited to speaking only in the local churches, but we could truly see the effects of God’s Spirit being poured out on the people of China. Their hunger for the truth and love of God was so amazing. As a team, we ministered to approximately 1200-1500 precious Chinese people, distributed 700 Chinese Bibles, and an estimated 200-250 people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. We also felt that we made a positive impact on the various people at the different hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. by our attitudes and actions as ambassadors of Christ.

Some personal highlights for me were the opportunities to preach four times on the importance of prayer as a Christian (three times on a Sunday) and to give eight copies of the Chinese version of “The Realities of Prayer” to four local pastors and different interpreters. In closing, I want to thank God for putting in my heart His love for China and the Chinese people in such a measure that I cannot explain. I have never had such a love for a group of people as He has given me for China and its people. I also thank God for granting the desires of my heart and giving me a wonderful safe, fruitful and rewarding trip. May He continue to pour out His Spirit on China and all the nations of the world as we approach the end of the last days as we know them.


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